A scared dog, giving your dog great confidence

In the previous article, we discussed two different reasons why a dog would try to sleep in its owner’s bed consistently and without fail. This is a tough problem to deal with because you have to be observant about your pet and his needs. You need to know what kind of animal you have whether it be a dog that is aggressive or a dog that is docile. In the last article we covered the aggressive dogs but today is the day when we cover the docile dogs and what could be going through his head and what specifically could be making him act out by sleeping in your bed. It’s a tough thing to diagnose because a lot of times you don’t interpret it as such. Most people don’t think that because their dog is quiet and their dog doesn’t bark at anyone too much that he is fine. This is really not the case because it is that sort of quietness that is masking the real problem, nervousness and sacredness.

Already it seems a lot of people are wondering why sacredness and nervousness has anything to do with sleeping in the bed. Well if you think about it from his standpoint it makes perfect sense. Lets imagine that you are him and for whatever reason you feel scared and nervous. It might just be your nature or it could be a reason for it. Either way you are scared and you have an owner that you trust and makes you feel safe when you are together, wouldn’t you want to spend as much time together as possible? If you look at it from that standpoint doesn’t it make perfect sense?

The solution to this problem is a bit more complex because mainly it will take a lot of time and you won’t see results on the first day. The best way personally to make a dog feel a little more open and comfortable is to take him to a place that’s crowded. Take him somewhere that has a lot of people that will be nice to him and want to pet him and scratch his head and ears. You have to make him comfortable around other people because that is the best way to overcome anxiety and fear. He might have a fear of animals or other people and whatever that fear is he needs to overcome it head on. It can be a bit scary for him so don’t pressure him or get angry at him because in the end it will only make this problem that much worse. When people approach him make sure they come to him slowly and don’t make any sudden movements. This will do a lot to reassure him and to make him feel that much safer. The main thing you need to do is to be sure you are consistent. This is the sure fire way to make sure that this plan that you are going to keep will work in the end.