An overview of the yorkie

The addition of a Yorkie to your household is a great decision, however with it comes with an added baggage of responsibility. Most people have the opinion that dogs make them feel better, laugh a lot, and in general, brighten up a home. Plus, they are can make great watchdogs, leaving you feeling much safer in your house.

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie for short, is one of those dog breeds that can cheer up a dull day.

It was during the middle of the 19th century that the Yorkie, which was a breed of a small, spirited, toy dog originated and developed in the city of Yorkshire in England.

The Yorkie stands at an average of 9 inches (22.8cm) at the shoulder and can weigh anything from 4 to 7 lb. It has a coat that is straight, long and glossy. It is also textured finely and can be either tan or dark blue in color. Though the Yorkie is a result of mixed breeding, it is a matter of speculation as to what dogs were used as the host or parents. This is because almost no records have been maintained in the areas around Yorkshire or Yorkshire itself, where it is supposed to have originated from. In fact, Yorkshire contained many terrier and toy breeds that would have possibly used for the purpose of cross breeding. However, the widely accepted fact is that the Yorkie is a representation of the bred down issue of crosses among the Manchester terrier and Skye terrier. The most important thing to remember before bringing a Yorkie into your home is to be familiar with all the dimensions involved in the acquisition and ownership of the dog, from finding the right trainer to train your Yorkie, to their potty training, and much more. The first criteria would be the budget. Some Yorkies can be upwards of one thousand dollars. However, look in the paper and ask around, and chances are you will find great deals on many loving Yorkies.

Yorkies, especially before being specifically house trained, need plenty of attention and time. Responsibility of a Yorkie at home includes waking up in the wee hours of the morning, or even midnight at times, just to ensure that your dog gets outside on time. Walks are important for any dog and a Yorkie is no exception. Walking and playing with the dog ensures its daily dose of exercise, and will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the pet has its first shots, licensing tags will be issued by the veterinarian. However, in the meantime cute, and lightweight tags can be ordered through the internet, or found at your local pet store. Name tags should include the puppy’s name, the owner’s address, and phone number. It is a small price to pay for knowing that your Yorkie will have your information on them.

These terriers live a long life. They are known to live for up to fifteen or more years. They are a very healthy breed, and have few serious health conditions. The veterinarian will always brief a Yorkie owner on the ways to ensure its good health. They adapt quite easily to new environments and need a lot of attention and love from their human owners. They enjoy interaction with people and are constantly trying to do so on a regular basis. Therefore, Yorkies are definitely worth every ounce of love and effort that we give them, as they will respond with a great deal of faithfulness and companionship. Yorkshire Terriers are truly unique animals. Although they are quite small in size, their personalities are big.