How to Stop the Dog from Barking

Barking is the dog’s communicating way. It is difficult for people to ignore the voices. When you enter the home, your dog will greet you with joy.

However, in a crowded city, if the dog barks all day, it will bring both your neighbors and you into trouble.

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Why does the dog bark?

There are many reasons for dog’s barking. Barking indicates that your dog are enjoying fun, feeling scared or lonely, or it hopes to catch your attention, or it hears the sound of something. The dog wants to warn you to be wary of the dangers that may occur, or strangers are approaching.

How to stop dog from barking?

Of course, you can choose a anti bark collar to stop the dog from barking. If you have time, you can training your dog by yourself. When you can understand the secret and the reasons for dog’s barking, you will soon be able to control excessive noise. This requires superb listening skills and a very close observation. If it gazes and barks at you without any external stimulation, it may hope to receive your attention – it may be hungry want to play with you.

Help the dog consume excessive energy; otherwise it will use this part of the energy to make noise. Give it the opportunity to go out and project itself. The dog can be satisfied with long distances walking, and it can become quiet because of tiredness. If the dog wants to catch your attention by barking, you can train it to obey through helping it draw on a training collar and chain.  In this way, it will receive your attention, and you will receive its attention, too. After a few commands, it will forget the motivation of barking.

If the dog takes a long time alone, it often expresses itself by making noise. Dogs are companion animals; it should never be forced to endure loneliness. If you have to leave your dog   alone at home, try to turn on the radio or television. These audio-visual equipment make the dog imagine the situation that the owner is at home, so it will become quiet and feel comfortable.

Spend more time accompanying your dog. If the dog barks at strangers each time, you should close the door and windows to prevent it from seeing outside situation. If the dog barks because of fear, such as vacuum cleaner, lawnmower or the trash bin, you can try to reduce its sensitivity.

There is another approach to stop dog from barking, that is, make sharp noises at least twice as big as the dog’s barking. It should think twice before barking. If you can receive your neighbors’ tolerance, you can interrupt the dog by hitting two pans or using air loudspeakers.