Things you should know when buying a boxer dog

If you are looking for a pet whose has the ability to be faithful, has loads of energy and a loving attitude, then you may want to consider getting a boxer dog. Boxer dogs are very friendly and loyal especially to and with children. Their playful nature makes them a wonderful companion for younger children. If you have other animal family members, boxers are very adaptable to these pets too. Should you want a pet that will listen to your orders and can be taught, you should get a boxer dog. Remember that these dogs need all kinds stimulus, both mentally and physically. Take them for a run or jog in the early morning hours when it’s cooler. This is especially important during the summer months when temperatures soar in the 90s in many places. If you cannot bring your pet inside for any reason, then be sure he/she can stay out of the sun, has plenty of food and water.

Boxer dogs will play regardless of the temperature outside but as the owner of these overactive and roguish canines, it is you that needs to be aware if your pet is getting overheated. Boxers cannot maintain the temperature in their body. Those hot summer days will find you giving extra special attention to your loving canine. Your pet may cool down slightly through his intense panting but it is not enough to keep them cool the entire day. Do not be surprised if your boxer dog doesn’t feel like playing. Just like you, dogs can get zapped of energy in the heat. Do your dog justice and place plenty of water bowls outside for him to drink from. If you have only one water bowl, be sure its kept full.

There are other ways to help your dog survive the summer heat. Local pets stores have dog mats that can help you out. When you are nourishing the inside of your dog’s body, be sure to give him a nice nourishing on the outside. Rinse down sensitive parts of your dog’s body including the ears, eyes, mouth, belly and paws. If you can, purchase an outside tub for him to jump in and out of. Another easy way to keep your dog from overheating is to provide him with the needed food diet that can help him fight the burning sun.

Most boxer owners will agree that these dogs are wonderful to have around. With everything they do for their owners, they are especially known for their strength, courage, attentiveness and legerdemain. They were once used as attack and messenger dogs especially by the military and police. The German army was able to teach the dog how to guard the border of the land. The dogs can smell contraband items and bother trespassers. Members of the Working Dog Group recognized all that the boxer dogs did. Despite all their good qualities, when trained poorly, they can be rather obstinate.