The shocking truth about commercial dog food every dog owner needs to know

With the commercial pet food industry being under the gun in recent times, it can be hard for any of us to believe that we will not be seeing more pet food recalls in the near future. The sad truth is that the dog food we buy in the stores has the potential to cause extreme illness to our dogs.

The pet food industry did not just taint themselves, they also caused concern and heartbreak among many dog owners that will never be able to regain the faith that most of us all took for granted with this industry.

Many pet owners lost their dogs – someone they considered members of their families – over tainted dog food incidents. Many dog lovers will never trust the commercialized dog food industry ever again.

Beyond tainted dog food, the large dog food companies have always been in the practice of providing food for dogs that is not healthy for our pets to begin with. This has always been a problem and still is today. There are hidden dangers in dog food many of us are not aware of.

The trend recently has been for us humans to eat better. The more nutritious the food is that we consume means we live healthier lives. Paying attention to diet and avoiding foods that have excessive fats and processed sugars, especially in the processed foods we buy, helps us to maintain bodies that are fit and trim.

Yet, do we consider what foods we purchase for our dogs to eat? Are we simply buying certain dog food based on what we think our pets like the best to eat? Yuo owe it to your pooch to pay close attention to what you are putting in it’s precious tummy.

There are some ingredients in dog food that we should flat out avoid. They are not healthy or reliable in quality for pet consumption. They are also used heavily in the dog food industry by the larger companies.

Corn gluten meal is a by-product. This is added to absorb the toxins of the food as it is being cooked and processed. Unforunately dogs don’t digest corn very well. In fact, corn is one of the biggest causes of allergies in dogs. The reason many commercial dog food companies use corn is because it is a very cheap source of protein and is used as filler in the food.

Chicken by-product meal is also used in the dog food industry. This is made up of parts of the chickens feet, necks, intestines, etc. They use this as a source of protein as well, yet this it is of such low grade that it does nothing for your dog. It also has the potential to be toxic or tainted.

Soybean meal is also used as a protein source in dog food. The protein is a decent quality, however Soybean is also the number one allergy that dogs suffer from.

There are other ingredients to consider, but I think you have gotten the gist of why some of the major brands of dog food that are on the supermarket shelves should be avoided.

When you do your research about feeding your dog the right foods, you will be amazed at the changes you see. Your dogs mood, energy levels, skin, bathroom habits and even their behavior will improve. It’s amazing what a change in diet will do.

This article isn’t supposed to scare you off of commercial dog food entirely, but you do need to know what to look for. Use the link at the bottom of this article