How to Overcome Dog’s Sense of Fear

If your dog fears people, you must first teach it to sit down. You can apply clicker training to teaching it not to move.


Improper handling of fear

Improper handling of fear is the main reason of above problem. Whenever the dog meets disturbing or dreadful thing, you always want to protect it or reprimand it loudly if it intends to run away. The dog cannot understand what you want to express, instead, it will become afraid of such thing more than before.

If the dog has been had the problem of fear, you can first train it to sit down and ask a friend whom the dog is unfamiliar with to approach it and stop at a distance. Meanwhile, you can say hello to your friend and then gradually make the dog closer with your friend. Then let your friend feed your dog.

As long as it has no bad reaction, you can immediately encourage it. Remember to tell your friend not to bring oppression to the dog. It will be better to crouch down to talk to the dog and feed it.