How to stop excessive barking

It is annoying when you are woken up in the middle of the night to your dog barking. As much as this is annoying to you just imagine what it is like for your neighbors. This is why it is important that you teach a dog not to bark excessively.

As with any other behavior with a do you need to understand the reasons behind your dog, doing what it is they are doing. There are a few main reasons as to why a dog barks. The first is to show any intruder or another dog that they are the alpha dog in that yard. Another reason is they are trying to alert you to something, either danger or simply to remind you it is feeding time. Third, they may feel stress; this could come because of being left alone for too long.

Now that you know the reasons as to why, how do you stop it. If it is a case of he is trying to prove his dominance, then he needs to learn that among your pack you are the alpha dog. It is also to remember that dogs tend to have a pack mentality. If you show your dominance then he will learn his place among the pack.

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If he is trying to alert you to something, then you naturally need to take action. If it is simply a matter of he wants to be fed, then you need to ignore him. This may be hard to do but eventually he will give up on his barking to get what he wants.

The last reason is stress; dogs cannot tell you what happened to them. Therefore, you need to try to understand the reason for his stress. Maybe something happened while you were gone. Regardless of the reasons, the best option is obedience training as soon as you can start this will help deter any future problems from developing.