Dog allergies and symptoms

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If you have a sick dog, please have him checked by a Vet. But if your Vet tells you that your pet has dog allergies, then I encourage you to read on.

Does food cause dog allergies? Your dog could be allergic to many different substances in the very room you sit; and that doesn’t even include microscopic substances in the air.

Potential allergies can be caused by pollen, dust mites, trees, weeds, mold spores, even people dander! Tiny allergen creating creatures live in all of our houses, in carpets, beds and other soft furnishings. They feed on skin scales that are constantly falling from people and animals then litter our environments with hard to see fecal pellets of half-digested food and enzymes. It is these tiny unseen particles that contain the troublesome allergies.

Food allergies are so common that pet food manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in research, development, promotion and delivery of antigen specific diets to help in the therapy of dogs with food allergies. Skin Allergies Symptomsdog allergies are common in American homes

Skin Allergies often shows itself in the first two years. Dog skin allergy symptoms include rashes, very itchy skin, scratching constantly, rubbing the face often, chewing on their legs and/or frequently chewing on their paws Others will have red, inflamed ears, and/or frequent ear, bacterial and yeast infections may occur.

There is a long list of causes of skin allergies in dogs. First we must look at the diet of your dog. According to veterinary allergists, animal protein can be an allergen. Some of our pets are allergic to beef, some to chicken, turkey. The animal protein most seem to do well on is duck, rabbit and salmon. If you wonder why they are not as allergic to these three meat sources can be easily explained. I was talking to my vet yesterday and we were discussing how very much better my dog was doing on a new kibble I had tried. It had no beef, no chicken, no lamb no corn and no wheat. Why would those proteins cause allergic reactions? All beef, chicken and lamb go to the slaughter house. It is there that the different meats are sorted into groups and then processed. We’ve all heard about the hormones they inject all cattle with and the monstrous conditions in the slaughter houses. Meat is recalled on a regular basis when it is tested and found to have contaminants in them. Health inspectors go to the slaughter houses and randomly test. What about all the meat that does not see the hawk eye of the tester? Allergic to flea medication, grass and weeds

What about contact allergies due to the flea collar your dog wears, the flea shampoo or dip used on your pet, or the sprays you are using in your garden? All of these and more can cause skin allergies in your pets

I have noticed that every time I give my dog Advantage flea medication, he becomes sick and will not eat. Even the smallest amount I put on his skin causes him to be ill.

Let me also say that if you have a sick dog the first thing you must do is visit the vet and find out what is wrong. It could be something so serious that a change in diet will not help. Be safe and sure and have your dog checked first.