Tips on how to become a successful shih tzu show dog breeder

If you decide to enter the show ring with your Shih Tzu one of the greatest benefits will mostly likely be an enhanced appreciation for the sheer beauty of the Shih Tzu. Just think about it, even if you only own one Shih Tzu yourself, at the shows you will see dozens and hundreds of Shih Tzu. Most of these Shih Tzu will be in prime health and perfectly groomed. By observing, and asking questions when the opportunity arises, you will begin to see some of the differences in the Shih Tzu that you may not have noticed without going to the shows. You may be surprised at how much you learn about the Shih Tzu and maybe even your own Shih Tzu during these events.

Shih Tzu showing should also teach you some facts about yourself. You might think you will be a nervous wreck on stage in front of all those people, but then find yourself not at all that nervous, but full of pride and poise that your Shih Tzu shares in some of the qualities of the other Shih Tzu. Or you might feel like you will never lose it at a Shih Tzu dog show no matter what happens, and then the first time, someone else says a slightly less than kind remark about your very own beloved Shih Tzu, that you just fall to pieces and tear out in a rage at that person. If you have never competed in organized sports before, you might be surprised at how great your desire to “win” actually is, and you may have to learn to curb this a little. You will need to learn right from the start of things that no matter what happens at the Shih Tzu show dog you need to learn how to be a “good loser.” Not every Shih Tzu will be the winner. And it might just be your Shih Tzu that does not win. In your heart, you must always realize your Shih Tzu is not and never could be a “real loser.” However, in the ring, he is just another “contestant,” to the judge who is trying to be fair to all who have entered the competition.

As with many competitive sports, dog or Shih Tzu showing will present you with an odd combination of friendships versus mean-spiritedness’ poor losers. Don’t be one of the poor losers. Try your best to be one who will be a friend. If everyone practice being “the friend” rather than the mean-spiritedness and poor losers the dog shows would be much more beneficial and fun for all concerned.

During the time spent waiting at a Shih Tzu dog show, rather than sitting and working yourself up into a nervous wreck, try to make friends with those around you. Try to start a genuine conversation with those around you. If you have very good past Shih Tzu show dog experiences, now is not the time to go on and on about yourself, your many time winning Shih Tzu dogs and wonderful experiences in the ring. In other words: “Do not sit and brag.” Offer advice when appropriate and always aim toward the good of the Shih Tzu and the dog shows in general.

As time goes on if you continue showing your Shih Tzu you will be running into the same people. Try to start out on the right foot at these events. Of course, you will not be compatible with everyone and there are always those people who cannot win as friends for nothing in this world. For that group, just try to steer away, and find those you can become friends with. It helps to have friends, and if your friends have Shih Tzu that wins over your Shih Tzu, you can celebrate their achievement instead of grieving your loss.

If you are very fortunate and have a genuine desire to learn, you can probably find a good mentor at the Shih Tzu show dogs. When you show a real interest in the Shih Tzu and a sincere desire to learn all you can about showing the Shih Tzu to your best and improving the Shih Tzu breed, you may just attract one of the “old-timers” or even someone younger with more experience that would be delighted to become your mentor. Sometimes when people have a lot of knowledge about a subject they just love sharing that knowledge with others who are as interested as they are in the same subject.

A compatible and knowledgeable mentor is probably the most important step in getting into showing dogs and the Shih Tzu successfully.

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