Before adopting a boxer dog

There are many advantages of adopting a Boxer dog. But before the excitement of taking home the not-so-fortunate abandoned dog urge you to rush to the nearest shelter, you must consider many things. Here are some points to consider before you finally go for it.

– Identify your reason why you need a pet. Do you want a pet that could protect you and your family? Or do you prefer a working dog that is a good guide dog, hunting dog, service dog or therapy dog? Another reason could be because of companionship, someone you can cuddle, stroke lovingly, comfort you in times of turmoil, listen to you or will just spend some quiet moment with you. The reason why you want a pet is often the basis in choosing what breed suits your needs. Some breeds, like the Boxer dog breed is perfect for any household because of its versatility. A strong working dog that is safe to the family, even with children and will protect you even if it will cost him his life.

– Aside from breed, as well as size, fur length and age, think about the behavior of the dog. Choose a more aggressive or at least, strong dog if you want protection for your home and your family. If you simply want a dog you could play and hang around, then you might want to settle in getting a small toy breed.

– Think about your lifestyle. Remember that a dog, especially Boxer dog, requires vigorous exercise and activities to keep up with his active stamina. If you are busy as a bee and cannot provide your dog the proper exercise as well as care and grooming he needs, then you may not be ready to have this animal right under your care, or at least, right under your roof. Lack of time is one of the reasons why owners abandon their dogs in shelters.

– Consider your resources. You should be capable of providing things for the continued health of your dog. There are dog foods, dog beds, food and water bowls, leashes and other stuff to buy. You must also bear in mind that dogs do get sick sometimes thus necessitates the need for veterinary appointment. Veterinary bills could rise up especially if the disease requires a lifetime treatment and if there is no pet insurance to pay that mounting bill. Most owners only realized this when they are faced with the situation and there available option is to turn over the dog at the nearest shelter or euthanized the poor animal.

– Ask the family, or your companions at home if they all agree with the idea. Nothing felt better than having everybody welcome you and accept you as a new member of the family.

Don’t rush into taking a dog home. The best thing you could do is to think carefully the consequences of what you intended to do.