Think labrador retrievers when looking for good family dogs

Breed Temperament: Being definitely a favored breed in America, just about every puppy in the pound will state they have some Labrador in their blood. If not, many owners will make the claim that they do because of their gentle nature despite their size, as well as their extreme intelligence and ease at training. There is no doubt about it, the Labradors loyalty, agreeable temperament and affectionate nature are what causes this to be one of the most popular dog breeds around..

Keep in mind that Labradors find their greatest happiness when they are outdoors sporting or exercising on a regular basis. While Labrador Retrievers can adapt to almost any living environment, owners will find they are most content when they are regularly exercised. If not regularly exercised, especially as a puppy, owners could find that they will turn towards destructive habits, like chewing furniture. Also, Labs that are not regularly exercised show a tendency to put on weight, as they sure love to eat.

All things considered, Labrador Retrievers will make a good family dog with a little extra TLC…and along with the tender loving care, don’t forget the extra running, fetching or swimming!