Dog doors can solve many problems for you and your indooroutdoor pet

Dog doors are beneficial for both dogs and the owners. When a dog is given the freedom to come and go as he pleases, he gains a new sense of security! He won’t have to ‘hold it’ while he waits for his owner to either come home or hang up the phone. He can play outside when the weather is nice and come in when it isn’t.

Dog doors have also allowed dog owners a new sense of freedom. They don’t have to leave a party early anymore because they feel guilty knowing their dog is about to pop. In addition to new freedom, they put an end to accidents, incessant door scratching, and three a.m. wake up calls from your dog. Pet doors are the best kept secret, but why?!

Many people refuse to consider pet doors because they are afraid intruders will use them to enter the house. Although a legitimate fear, there are ways around this. Possibly the best way around this is an electronic pet door. This door opens automatically from a censor device placed on the dog’s collar; preventing anything not wearing the collar from coming into the house.

Putting one on the backside of the house where intruders are less likely to be is another possibility. For the truly frightened person, a doghouse can be installed into a wall instead of a door. If you want to hide it, a dog house with a door cut in the back can be pushed against the wall covering up the pet door; no one will ever know it’s there, except of course, the dog.

I’d like dog doors in my house, but I’m a renter! Do I have any options?

Many renters are hesitant about installing pet doors in for fear of upsetting the home owners. Now a day there is even a solution for that; sliding glass pet doors! These doors are cut in an actual sliding glass door. You simply remove the existing door from its hinges and hang the one with the pet door in its place. When it is no longer needed the original door can be replaced.

Some people are very picky about their homes and don’t want to compromise the aesthetics with ugly dog doors. These people have a great alternative in wall installation. The home owner can install it into the wall of a room with very little traffic. If the idea of the door being visible from the outside bothers them, the door can be hidden by the doghouse.

There are so many new innovative products on the market these days consumers can just about make anything possible. Pet doors are an amazing product that people with inside/outside dogs don’t want to ignore! Check them out; your dog will thank you.