The top ten tips for dog breeders

Dog breeding is not a simple job. If you are looking for ways that would help you in breeding happy and healthy puppies, then you have come across the right resource. Though dog breeding involves a lot of work and is an expensive job, it will only help if you follow some simple tips:

1. The first and foremost requirement is to choose an appropriate mate for your dog. It should be compatible to your dog and possess all the qualities that you will like to see in the newborn puppies. Make sure that the male and female dogs do not bear any kind of genetic problems (related to pedigree) that would, in turn, affect the puppy’s health in future.

2. It would be a good idea to keep the record of both the male and female dog’s genetics, which you have chosen for breeding, with you. Mind that, keeping the genetic record of your female dog is a more important job. It would be better if you keep the medical history of the female dog ready for reference. Recording important dates, like the first time the dog went into the heat, changes in her behavior, or any other medical issue is also important.

3. You need to be sure, if the female dog is healthy or not, since a healthy doggie will ensure the birth of a healthy puppy. Supporting the female dog with required supplements and nutrition is also an absolute necessity for the birth of healthy puppies. Moreover, good health will enable the female dog to be stronger during the pregnancy period.

4. As there are different species of dogs, you should have a thorough knowledge about what kind of dog you are breeding. If you are aware of the history of your dog, then breeding becomes much easier. It may happen so, that your dog species is essentially rare and it becomes very hard for you to find a mate for it.

5. You also need to posses a thorough knowledge about your dog’s “family of breeds”. You could find out the stature of your dog, and familiarize yourself with it by doing the necessary research. This would in turn, help you a lot in breeding.

6. If you are an owner of a female dog, then you have to face a few more extra complications. Though, finding out its history may be a hard task, but it is not as difficult, since it is important to the veterinarian.

7. You should know the exact time, when your female dog is exactly ready for mating. Otherwise, it may result in the failed conception.

8. Before mating, the pedigree of both male and female dog should be carefully examined, so that you could identify the points of their difference, and have an idea as to how their off springs would be.

9. You can follow the out-crossing method and choose the mates that are either similar or have a similarity in their general appearance.

10. You should also take the dogs for regular medical check ups for avoiding any post pregnancy complications, while you have considered them for breeding.

Hope the above keeps you in good stead, while deciding on breeding your dog.