Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

No, Dogs Can’t Eat Almonds!

Coming in a wide array of flavors such as jalapeno, barbecued, smoked, vanilla and cinnamon, it’s no wonder most dogs would enjoy eating almonds given the chance. Unfortunately digesting almonds is much less pleasant for dogs than eating them! Though almonds are not toxic to dogs, they have a hard time digesting them which can upset their stomach and cause intestinal issues.

Though technically dogs can eat almonds, and they are better for dogs than most other nuts, this doesn’t mean that it is actually good for dogs to eat almonds.

Despite the fact that almonds are not toxic for dogs, there are valid reasons to steer clear of them. Almonds, as well as nuts of all kinds, are one of the things that upset dogs’ stomachs.

The monounsaturated fats that nutsare full of are very healthy for people, but not for dogs. An excess of fat boosts the chances of a dog getting pancreatitis. This illness can be deadly for dogs. Because of this you should avoid nuts, and any foods that are full of any kind of fat in general. Though you may make your dog happy for the moment, you could end up paying the price health wise.

There are other risks to giving your four legged friend almonds, or other such nuts. These nuts can be the perfect size for getting stuck in your dog’s throat or intestines. In some cases you may even need to have surgery done to remove the intestinal obstruction. No owner or pet wants to experience that!