Advantages of a hairless dog

A hypoallergenic dog would be wonderful because he would not trigger your allergies. Although there is no such thing as a non-allergenic dog, some dogs are certainly better than others. The first advantage of a hairless dog is that he is going to produce fewer allergens than dogs with fur. If you have allergies or if you have asthma, this is a wonderful thing.

There is another advantage of a hairless dog that is so obvious. No hair! This is great because it means that you’ll have very little to clean up. You won’t have to vacuum all the time, in your home or in your car.

The third advantage is that hairless dogs attract attention. Since most dogs have hair, when people see a hairless dog they get very excited. If you like talking to other people and striking up conversations, hairless dogs are perfect. They’re great for parties. A hairless dog will definitely break the ice.

The fourth advantage is very interesting. Hairless dogs are often missing teeth. This might sound sad, but the truth is that many owners find this adorable. It makes hairless dogs stand out from other breeds. Interestingly, hairless dogs are generally very tough and quite healthy, which is definitely an advantage when you consider canine health costs.

The final advantage is a fun one. Many owners of hairless dogs obviously dislike fur. They don’t like the smell and they just don’t like the feel of fur. Obviously a hairless dog is going to be relatively smooth. Often, hairless dogs like to snuggle because they don’t have insulating fur. If you like to be close to your dog, this is fantastic. The catch is that you have to pay attention to the body temperature of dogs without hair. Extreme temperatures are not good.

Here is a bonus advantage. You actually have a range of hairless dog choices. There are at least five breeds:

You’re not stuck with just one breed. Enjoy that freedom.

Let’s summarize the advantages. Hairless dogs are usually better for people with allergies and asthma. Since there is no hair, it is easier to clean up after them. Hairless dogs also attract attention. They are fun and adorable. Hairless dogs are usually friendly and they are tough too. Sounds pretty good, don’t you think?