Inside or outside which is best

Years ago, it was unheard of to bring a hunting dog inside the house. Hunting dogs had “smelled blood” and were then relegated to the outdoors where they couldn’t attack members of the family. This is an old saying that is not true. Hunting dogs make excellent pets and should not be forced to live outside.

This is fine if you have one hunting dog. If, however, you have several hunting dogs and a kennel of sorts, or if you breed hunting dogs, you will most likely have a kennel outdoors.

If you live in a four season climate, you will have to have some sort of shelter for the dogs in the cold temperatures. There are kennels that you can purchase that are already pre-heated. Although your dogs are wearing a fur coat, they are far from ready to deal with the sub freezing temperatures of the winter. Make sure that you get a heated kennel such as those that are made by Purina.

Speaking of keeping your hunting dogs warm, be sure to keep your dogs warm and safe when you are transporting them to and from the hunting area. You will want your dog to travel in a crate, but did you know that you can get an insulated dog crate for transporting your dog? It can get cold hunting outdoors and you want to make sure that you keep your dog warm.

Another object you may want to purchase, especially if you are keeping your dog outdoors, is a water warmer. There are water warmers that will get the temperature up to about 15 degrees above freezing. There are also bowls that will keep the water warm for the dogs in sub freezing temperatures.

As long as your dogs have shelter and are able to find warmth, you can keep them comfortable outside in the cold weather. In addition to protecting your dogs from the cold weather, you have to make sure that they have adequate shade and cool water in the heat as well.

If you have one dog, you can have the dog live in the house. Even if you have two dogs, you may want to do this. But if you have more than two dogs, a kennel, or not enough room for the dogs in the house, you will have to have some sort of heated shelter for them to stay in during the cold weather.

But the idea of keeping the hunting dogs outside because they are hunting dogs is an antiquated notion. Hunting dogs are trained as well as other dogs and make wonderful pets. They can be kept indoors as well as outdoors as long as they are comfortable.

One dog, however, should not be relegated to outside on his own. If you have one dog, you should keep him with the family. Dogs are social animals and are happiest when they are included in with the pack. In the case of your hunting dog, the pack is your family. Do what you can to make sure that he stays part of the family and is kept comfortable at all times.