House training your dog

When you have a new puppy one of the guarantees is that you will need to house train him to go to the bathroom. Now this can be done through several methods. Remember, house training dogs can be fun; you just need to be persistence. The first thing you need to remember is that accidents are going to happen.

Unlike us, a dog cannot tell you when they need to go to the bathroom. One rule to remember is these puppies have a much smaller bladder than larger, older dogs. This means they will have to go more often. In fact, you should start your house training puppies when it is still young so that it will get used to it. It might be too late to house training dogs when it feels comfortable doing his business indoor.

One good rule of thumb is this, roughly every two to four hours take your dog out to do his business. Even if they do not have to go at that particular time, do so anyway. If your dog does not do his business when outside, keep an eye on him when he is inside. Usually a dog will give you about a minute warning before he does his business. If you see him sniffing around in the ground then good bet is he is fixing to do his business. This is where you get to run through the house holding the dog at arm length heading for the door.

The importance of having him go outside is eventually he will not be comfortable going inside the house. If accidents do happen do not scold him, after all he is just doing what is natural. Just clean it up and repeat the following tips eventually he will begin to go only outside to keep your puppy discipline.

House training your dog will help him to feel more natural for him to do his business outside.