The mysteriously cute black pomeranian

The black Pomeranian is a very popular and sought after puppy for its many fine personality attributes as well as for the colour. Most Pomeranians tend to be tan or blended colours with oranges and red being most prominent and common colours of Pomeranians however every now and then a rare gem with be born that is an enterirely black Pomeranian. Lets look at some of the most attractive and well liked personality traits and physical traits of not only the black Pomeranian but all Pomeranians in general as the colour has very little if anything to do with the actual personality or appearance.

Pomeranian Traits

In order to properly paint the mental picture for what these dogs look like in a very generalized manner, the black Pomeranian is a very small and short dog that is extremely intelligent in appearance. The dogs have a very coarse textured hair for the over coat and the under coat is very thick with a tail that is set high and curls around to lay flat on the dogs back. The black Pomeranians are very active and ‘bossy’ and are naturally nosy by nature as they are very vivacious and energetic.

Proportion and Size

Generally the black Pomeranian like most other Pomeranians range in size from 4-7 pounds and typically have very short legs. The Pomeranians as a whole are constructed of medium bone size, which surprises many due to the very small size of the dog itself however; they aren’t brittle or tiny and are actually quite sturdy dogs. The length of the black Pomeranians legs will be in direct proportion to the frame of the dog and generally don’t deviate much from that look no matter the color of the specific Pomeranian.

The Coat

The black Pomeranian can require more grooming than a lighter color due to the fact that black picks up everything and you can see the dog’s hair as dirty more often than those that are lighter in color. As was mentioned in the first part of the article, the hair is very thick under the outer coat while the outer coat is very coarse. The thick undercoat tends to stand up and hold the outer coat up in order to stand off from the body of the dog and it typically called ‘guard hair’. If the guard hair is standing surely there is danger around because Pomeranians are extremely intelligent.