Choosing dog breeds for city living here are some recommendations

Puppies and dogs are great pets. They are good companions for human beings too. Dogs could bring out a smile in all of us.

Unfortunately, not all environments are suitable to adopting just any breed of dog. This is especially true if you are living in the city where space is limited and family members have very tight schedule.

Some dogs require very much attention, exercise and ample of room to move around and play. Others are more tolerant to those factors. The latter usually makes a better dog pet for city dwellers.

Here are some, obviously not all, dog breeds that are suitable for urban living: 1. Shih Tzus.This diminutive size dog breed is portable and well-behaved. They are suitable for city living because they don’t take much space and will not ruin as much things as when you own a sports breed.

2. Pugs.This breed is very sociable, usually stubborn about certain things but they are also charming, clever, and fun. Pugs also get along with other dogs and pets quite well. They are great household companions for they don’t require demanding care.

3. Miniature poodles.They are clever pets, but should be socialized as soon as possible as a puppy. Miniature poodles need to be involved in family activities but should make lovely canine pets.

4. Lhasa Apsos.This breed is naturally happy, playful and intelligent. Because they are independent, they are often hard to train. Lhasas have excellent health. When it comes to grooming, they need special attention because of their coat.

5. Labradors.If you are living in the city but wish to have a sports dogs, then labradors could be the perfect choice. They learn fast and are very mild mannered. Make sure you can take them for a walk daily to keep this canine companion in good health.

Other things to consider when choosing dog breed for urban living is the fact that they shed a lot or not. This can cause alergy if one of your family members is sensitive to such thing.

A dog can bring a lot of happiness to life but you must make sure they are suitable not only to the environment you live in but also to your lifestyle.