Papillion dogs and puppies

One of the most frequently asked question of new Papillon owners is: What do I feed it? First don’t feed Papillons or any other small dog just once a day! Papillons will eat only what they need if it is available to them.You should have their food available to them all day long.

Just like humans, the stomach is only so big and needs to be filled on a regular basis, throughout the day. Could you do well only eating lunch everyday, no breakfast or dinner? How much harder would it be for a Papillon, whose energy needs are VERY high, because of all the growth and development going on in it’s body!

If you are not going to leave food out all day then, offer a Papillon their food at least 4 times a day till they reach one year of age. Then offer them food 3 times a day until they are 2 years old. After that, feed a Papillon a MINIMUM of 2 times a day for the rest of it’s life. Better yet, just leave their food out and let them eat when they want to. Remember, they will only eat what they really need.

Hypoglycemia is the result of a puppy not getting enough food at times of stress or high energy use. If a puppy is only fed once a day this can contribute to this easily avoided condition.

Young Papillon puppies who are only fed once a day may also have digestive upsets, because, after being hungry all day, they try to eat as much as they can at one time. A lack of available food can make them restless and they will search for something to eat or chew, which, in turn, can lead to chewed furniture. It can also cause them not to sleep well at night. Hunger can will affect the temperament of a growing Papillon puppy.

Dry food does not have all the nutrients needed for good health, in spite of all the claims. It may contain too much sodium as a preservative which would cause excessive thirst. This, in turn, would be the need for more potty trips. And if your Papillon is still only a puppy there will be big messes all over the place. If you want to use dry food ask your vet as to what he recommends. Feeding only hard food does NOT keep the teeth clean and avoid the need for dental care.

The processing required for dry food kills many beneficial enzymes needed for good health and a long life.

Give your Papillon the best nutrition possible. Mix at least 1/2 can wet high quality dog food with the dry. Mix a little extra fat (grease drained from hamburger and such) or oil with the food. A dog does not digest the same as humans and the fat is necessary for good coat and skin, as well as extra energy. Soup bones, cooked in a pressure cooker, give calcium and do help clean the teeth.

Warm broth over the dry dog food is a welcome meal in the winter. Still, to prevent an unbalanced diet, do feed a good quality dry food to your Papillons. Mix the dry with the meat paste daily as well as just leaving plain dry out if they want something to crunch. Even give milk to the pregnant and nursing Papillon females to help insure proper nutrition to the puppies.

DO NOT USE RAW MEATS as the chance for bacterial problems exist in raw meat and environmental contamination may become a problem.

Cook some liver, chicken and hamburger to add extra fresh protein to their diet. Cook the chicken, (the same that you would buy at your local grocer), and use a food processor to make a paste of the whole thing. Skin, bones and meat give your Papillon nutrition. Be careful of bones! Ensure they were cut up all the way and blended properly!

Bits of fresh vegetables are welcome. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and avocados are especially good sources of vitamins for both adult and puppy Papillons. Some Papillons enjoy bits of fresh fruit like apples and/or oranges. Fresh fruit replaces the enzymes lost in the processing of regular dog food.

If your Papillon refuses to eat certain foods just remember: as humans, we have our own personal food likes and dislikes, Papillon dogs and puppies are no different.