The best way to prevent struvite stones in dogs

It may come as a shock to you if your canine friend is diagnosed with struvite stones in dogs. Most dog owners aren’t aware that dogs can even get canine bladder stones until it happens to their buddy. After reading this article, you’ll understand how canine bladder stones form and how you can prevent them.

How Do Bladder Stones In Dogs Develop?

In the vast majority of the cases seen by your vet, a dog that has struvite stones has a bladder infection caused by Staphylococci bacteria. Why is this?

Time for a short biology lesson. Your dog normally excretes urea in her urine. Staph bacteria thrive on urea, so if these bacteria somehow gets into her bladder, life is good for them. Staph bacteria digest urea and produce waste products that include ammonia, which causes the urine to become alkaline. Other waste products are magnesium and phosphate.

This ammonia, along with the infection itself, irritates the bladder walls, which in turn causes the bladder cells to release a certain type of protein. Remember the magnesium, phosphate and ammonia mentioned above? These minerals crystallize around the protein molecules to form struvite stones in dogs.

It’s pretty simple really; a canine bladder infection must be present for this type of bladder stones in dogs to develop.

Won’t It Help To Give My Dog Something To Acidify Her Urine?

Not really. As we talked about earlier, staph bacteria give off ammonia as a waste product, which is what makes your dog’s urine alkaline. If you get rid of the staph infection, you get rid of the problem causing both the alkaline urine and the struvite stones.

So Preventing Canine Bladder Infections Is The Best Way To Prevent Canine Bladder Stones?

Yes. Prevent the infection, and you prevent the stones. Is there an easy way to do this? Again, the answer is yes.

People have been using herbs like uva ursi and barberry to treat bladder problems for centuries. More recently, the homeopathic remedies Staphysagria and Cantharis have been added to the arsenal of natural treatments for urinary problems.

Now these treatments have been combined into one easy-to-use natural remedy for urinary tract infections in dogs. This product is gentle enough to be used every day to prevent bladder infections in dogs. It’s very easy to give to your dog. Just sprinkle a few granules on the back of her tongue and let them dissolve.

Natural treatments for dogs are safe and effective. It’s also OK to give this remedy right along with antibiotics, since it doesn’t interfere with the medication in any way. You can continue the remedy after the antibiotics are gone, to support bladder health in your dog.

You need to be careful which remedy you purchase for your dog. It’s extremely important that the remedy is made specifically for pets, not for people. You should only deal with a reputable company that is well-known for its long history of manufacturing only the highest-quality products for pets.

Check for testimonials from other satisfied pet owners who have used the product. This is probably the most important piece of information you need when choosing which product to buy for your best buddy.

Now that you have this information, struvite stones in dogs will never be a problem for your pup.