Help, my dog is urinating blood! tips on treating and curing painful urination in your dog

Help,>My next door neighbor was scared to death. She noticed her dog urinating blood so she took him to the pet hospital immediately. The vet told her a urinary tract infection was to blame and prescribed her dog some antibiotics. Sure enough, the infection went away fast with the medication and so did the blood. The problem is that this was the umpteenth time that she had her dog to the vet for the same problem. Turns out medication is not a cure and only suppresses the symptoms.

If your dog is urinating blood, a urinary tract infection is most likely the cause. Your dog’s bladder, urethra, or kidneys may be infected. Little stones or crystals accumulate and scrape against your dog’s urethra, causing bleeding.

If you see your dog urinating blood, your first reaction will most likely be panic. While it is important to take immediate action by going to the veterinarian and getting a proper diagnosis, this is a fairly common problem that can be treated easily at home so there’s no need to go off the deep end. First, rule out any serious problems that may be bringing on the bleeding, such as tumors or bladder stones.

If your dog is urinating blood and the cause is merely a bacterial infection, your veterinarian will most likely prescribe your dog a round of antibiotics. While antibiotics are effective in temporarily relieving your dog of the symptoms of a bladder infection, they don’t get to the root of the problem. In order to keep an infection from returning, it’s important to address all lifestyle factors that can lead to recurrent infections.

The most common causes of recurrent infections are an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and insufficient intake of fresh, clean water. Dogs that eat a lot of processed food are at risk. Feed your dog nutritional food that is raw and unprocessed as much as possible. Also avoid giving your dog tap water and instead give him fresh, filtered water so he can detoxify more effectively. Take your dog out on at least two walks per day so he has enough opportunities to empty his bladder. Holding urine in too long can lead to your dog urinating blood.

For the best results, give your dog a homeopathic treatment on a regular basis in addition to making these important lifestyle changes. Homeopathic remedies are beneficial because they can be used for long periods without causing any side effects and they help to treat and prevent urinary tract infection at the same time. In sum, you can kill two birds with one stone by administering a homeopathic remedy. Most likely your dog is urinating blood repeatedly because of an underlying imbalance that needs to be corrected.

So there you have it. While conventional treatment suppresses symptoms and stops the bleeding for a time, it does not get to the root of the problem. If you want to see your dog achieve permanent recovery so you can stop making repeated visits to the vet, make improvements to your dog’s lifestyle and administer homeopathic treatment. By doing so, you won’t ever have to worry about seeing your dog urinating blood ever again.