Saint bernard, actor & rescuer

A Saint Bernard dog became a popular breed when the movie Beethoven became a big hit. The movie and the dog shared the name of the classical musician and both enchanted movie goers across the world.

The AKC designation is Mastiff, AKC Working.

History:The St. Bernard is thought to be descended from the Tibetan mastiff

and crossed with the Great Dane and the Great Pyrenees.

Physical Characteristics:







* The St Bernard breed may have two types of coat





Size & Height















Physical Accommodations:




Health Problems:





This breed has a very gentle character and is devoted to its family. The sheer size of the full grown dog acts as a deterrent to strangers and trespassers.

With a strong sense of smell and hearing, the St Bernard Breed has been credited with saving thousands of lives. The sense of smell of this breed is so intense that he can discover persons under many feet of snow.

The down size to this breed is that maintenance is high because of the size. The food for this breed may costs a small fortune as the dog grows to full size. This breed eats a lot of food. The dietary requirements for the breed may involve special types of dog foods and supplements.

The veterinarian bill will also be more because the amount of medications are usually based on size. This breed may very well be worth the cost. The Saint Bernard is a great companion and watch dog. The Saint Bernard is a devoted and loving addition to any family.