Terrier dogs are truely mans best friend

Terriers are small dogs of various breeds originally used for turning out foxes, rats, rabbits etc from the ground. Characteristics and features of terrier dogs have been introduced and strengthened by breeding with animals who already demonstrated the desired traits. The terrier dogs are small to medium size and are often described as fiery or feisty. All breeds of terrier dogs can make ideal pets, Wheaton terrier, Border terrier, Scottish terrier, Bull terrier, Cairn terrier, Irish terrier, West Highland White terrier to name a few.


Terriers were originally developed to hunt rodents and other pests. Terriers have either short or long-legged body types. Terriers come in three coat types: wire, smooth and soft. Terriers adapt well to city life, but prefer lots of exercise. Terriers are very cute and a very intense. Terriers can make anyone fall in love with them. Terriers are loyal pets that will be there when you need them.


Dogs in the Terrier group were developed to hunt and kill vermin. Breeding for appearance was only introduced in the 19th Century. If you are choosing terrier dogs, view breed pictures and a photo of a puppy. Terrierdogs have always been viewed as real assets by their owners and have worked with man for centuries. Before this time dogs and puppies were bred to increase useful abilities and traits helpful for the duties they were intended for. The breeds versatile talents made them a favorite of farmers and ranchers for such uses as protection, livestock driving, family companions, and as catch dogs for hogs and semi-wild cattle.


Puppies are well socialized and very playful. These wonderful puppies will make excellent additions to your family. Home raised puppies have lots of loving in them.


Yorkshire Terriers, otherwise known as Yorkies, have a long history of being popular pets and companions in the United States. Yorkshire Terriers are also clever, independent, energetic, and are very loyal and affectionate with their owners. Yorkshire Terriers are easily recognizable by their compact size and long tan and blue coat that traditionally parts on the spine. Yorkshire Terriers are an AKC-recognized breed in the Toy group.


Boston Terriers are typically compactly built, small, well proportioned dogs with short tails, erect ears, and a short muzzle. Boston Terriers are a special dog breed with unique puppy care requirements. Boston Terrier however is somewhat of a misnomer however because the American Kennel Club does not consider them to be terriers, but they are considered a part of the non-sporting group. Boston Terriers are eager to learn and are therefore easy to train.


Rat Terrier dogs are available in many colors. Rat Terrier dogs can be a good choice if you live in a small house or apartment. Rat Terrier dogs make great companions and are an excellent choice if you are looking for a dog. Rat Terrier dogs and puppies are offered for sale by responsible Rat Terrier dog breeders. Although their fiery temperaments are useful when hunting rats, it can make them prone to snap, especially when over excited children are near.

Terriers are fun to own and be with. They are very loyal pets and like nothing better than sitting on your lap when they are not running in circles in the back yard till they run out of energy (and air).