Designer dogs and pampered pets

What are designer dogs? The biggest trend in dogs isn’t purebreds, but specially created hybrids (puggles, pookimos, Jack-a-bees). Dogs that fall under the designer category include boxers, doxies, dachshunds, beagles, poodles, and more. The list of what is considered to be a hybrid is long; however; if your pet doesn’t make it on this list, it doesn’t mean that he is not a designer dog. This descriptive name also refers to pampered pets and any pet can be treated like royalty.

Pampering your dog has become a very popular trend, and shows no sign of slowing down. Treating your dog as one of the family and providing a better life for your best friend is no longer a novelty or luxury but a lifestyle.

Hollywood’s Influence on Dog Fashions

You have probably seen the pampered pooches many celebrities of the moment are sporting like the latest accessories. Often seen carrying their toy sized dogs at red carpet events or just out on the town for the evening. Since American life can reflect Hollywood trends, being accompanied by a dog has become a fashion statement.

Spending for Upscale Dog Products and Services

There are about 73 million pet dogs in the United States. Mans best friend is the most popular pet with 43.5% of US households owning a dog. The American Pet Manufacturers Association estimates that in 2007 pet owners spent $41 billion on their furry friends. High-end and luxury product account for a growing percentage of the total spent on posh pooches.

Sales of dietary supplements and healthcare products formulated specifically for pets have benefited as well. With more families seeing their dog as a member of the family and deserving of the attention and care this entails coupled with the increase in the number of older and overweight dogs.

This trend continues in other parts of the world such as Canada and the UK. In the UK 11% of the people said theywould re-mortgage their home to pay for a vital vet bill! There is no question we have gone to the dogs.

Designer Dog Carriers

The world of doggy fashions does cater to the small dog. Handbags for ladies to carry their beloved friends wherever they go. A dog tote bag for every occasion from casual to very elegant with designer tags attached. These carriers are not only attractive but functional in styles such as over the shoulder, purse designs and hands free front and backpacks.

Dog Beds

Chances are your four legged friend’s secret obsession is a comfy bed to dream on. Dogs love to laze around on an extra cushiony and snuggly bed. There is no shortage of designs where fashion meets functionality that will cater to the style conscious canine, no matter what breed you own. Designer and fancy dog beds and furniture are abundant with seriously supportive padding and luxurious fabric choices that will complement your home decor.

“Canine couture”is the new buzz word in the doggy fashion world. Designer doggy wear for every occasion from casual to the most formal, casual parkas, active wear, backpacks, hats, hiking boots, sun visors, evening wear, faux fur coats, jewelry, fancy dog collars,leads and footwear. Your haute hound will need a walk-in closet to accommodate all these clothes and accessories.

Here is a rundown of the hot trends: