Bottle Feeding a Puppy

In case of a precocious due to maternal abandonment or natural lactation impossibility, a bottle must be used. This form of bottle feeding a puppy must be exceptional and not prolonged more than necessary. Human bottles can be used for large breed puppies. For smaller puppies, it is best to check with the veterinarian, the pharmacist or a dog accessory retailer.

After weaning, a container adapted to the adult size of the animal will be chosen. I can be wooden, plastic or metal, and should be stable. Tall bowls (similar to salad bowls) have a reduced base, reason which it’s easier to tilt and the food end up in the ground. Also, models that are too flat, with low edges, are not adequate for the dog. Finally, owners living in cold areas (where exterior temperature is often 0° C) and whose dogs eat outside, should not choose a metallic bowl, since the action of cold against the dog’s tongue would cause it to stick to the container.

In case an owner should be absent during lunch time, he or she can turn to an automatic food dispatcher – that, due hygiene issues, should always be dry – . It is enough to program a time and amount for the ration and the device will take care of the rest.

For large dogs, it is convenient to place the container at the proper height. Stands offer more stability and prevent the containers from tipping over. It is not recommendable to use metallic bowls if the temperature is below 0° C.