From china to around the world, how and why the pug is so popular

Having a Pug dog can be a lot of fun. Pugs are considered a toy dog breed, with a medium-small body. They weigh between thirteen and twenty pounds, and stand from twelve to fourteen inches tall, generally never getting bigger than that. Pugs have a wrinkly face and large, dark eyes that truly adds to their attractiveness and cuddliness. When they are excited, their eyes light up and have a lot of expression in them.

Though they have often been used as companion dogs because of their wonderful personalities, they have also been used as coach dogs and guard dogs. The name of Pug is said to have been derived from the Old English word Pugg, which was an affectionate word for a playful little devil or monkey. This dog is aptly named, if that is where it came from, as a Pug has a terrific personality. It has grown in popularity over the years. It was originally breed in China, moving on to Japan and other countries, and eventually to England. Many of the monarchs in Europe have enjoyed this dog because of its personality, and it is a favorite among royalty and other discriminating people throughout the world.

Pugs are very social dogs. They get along well with other dogs and pets, and with children and visitors, but they really love to be with their owner. They require a lot of human attention, and will get a bit anxious and concerned if they are ignored by their owner, or if their owner used a harsh tone of voice in disciplining them. Sometimes they even do strange or funny things to get their owners attention and make them laugh. They like to stay right with their owner, at their feet or on their lap. They are extremely loyal and affectionate.

Pugs have a lot of energy, especially for the first few years while they are growing up. They tend to be rambunctious and energetic. It takes about five years in total until they calm down somewhat. Unfortunately, they are often more difficult to train that many other breeds, as they tend to get bored with repetitive training sessions.

Pugs are not aggressive dogs, and while they enjoy going for walks, they are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and have a short nose which affects their breathing and limits how long they can spend outdoors exercising.

A Pug dog can be a wonderful family pet. It will be loyal and playful, and love the attention that children are willing to give a smaller, energetic dog. It is very eager to please, and it will often entertain whoever will give it attention. They love to go for walks with their humans.

While it isn’t the easiest to take to training it has many other terrific qualities, like its playfulness and clownish behavior. They are terrific companion dogs, which get along well with all human and animal pets, making it a natural addition to a family.

If you are considering getting a Pug for your family, you should check with local breeders who sell them healthy and with good breeding. If you buy your Pug as a puppy, it will be cute and little, with the adorable wrinkles already in its face. Bought so young, you will be its human, and it will be your loyal companion for a lifetime.