Dog food can lead to disease

Americans seem to be on a long health craze, attitudes have changed drastically about health in the last thirty years. We want to live longer but what about your dog,will he live longer? There are an endless supply of dog foods and they all seem the same. I’ve been a label checker forever where this is concerned and pet food is not the best.I make the exception with Paul Newman’s product, he really does seem to care about quality.

Commercial dog foods are linked to thousands of deaths each year and dog nutrition is not even considered. They are lacking in key nutrients and because of this many dogs have defective adrenal glands and are unable to manufacture cortisol. This is a vital hormone that is needed in the immune system in order to resist disease.

Over the counter dog foods contain six lethal chemicals that have been banned by the fda for human consumption yet we are still feeding them to our precious animals out of ignorance. These can cause cancer of the spleen,kidneys,bladder,skin,liver and can cause lukemia. Also major organ failure, immune system collapse and allergies, birth defects,blindness, hair loss and chronic diarreah. As well as behavioral problems including aggression.

Much of the chemical free labeling you will see on dog food packaging is not truthful. Because there is a preservative free label doesn’t mean the food inside is healthy.Preservatives in dog food make their way into the food at the dog food plants themselves. Of all preservatives EQ is the most potent and it is toxic.

EQ can be traced to several very troubling illnesses in pets, the following are a few examples: immune deficiency syndrome, spleen cancer, liver cancer,stomach cancer and allergies.Also chronic worm infestations can come from the use of them. Commercial dog foods can lead to disease and we have to learn to give more attention to pet nutrition before it’s too late.

Plant employees that have worked around the preservative EQ have had alarming side effects from this product. Some of which include kidney damage, chronic diarreah, hair loss, blindness,skin lesions,lukemia, fetal birth defects and more. You should stop buying commercial dog foods, there are better alternatives out there. You can improve the lifespan of your dog and improve his/her quality of life simply by educating yourself.

Try organic dog food, there are several of these available now. Or if you’re ambititious you can try cooking your pet’s food yourself, that way you have control over your dog’s diet. Become uncompromising about this and others around you will follow your example.Just by making small everyday changes. You won’t have to lose your dog prematurely and needlessly….Here’s to your dog’s long life….