Do dogs like going on holidays

Taking your dog with you on holidays can be a great experience for everyone. One thing we must keep in mind is by taking your dog out of his familiar environement and then placing him in unfamiliar surroundings can be dangerous or stressful if your not properly prepared.

Taking a little time to plan ahead before you go can save you a lot of hassle, and ensure you enjoy a safe and happy trip together with many great memories.

Here are a few things for you to consider before you and your pooch head of into the sunset.

1. Check and make sure all your dogs vaccinations and other medications are up-to-date, and just in case he wanders have his registration and microchip details current.

2. Also, your dog should have a ID tag attached to his collar with all your current contact details enscribed eg. mobile / home phone numbers, address, and of course his name.

3. Depending how your travelling you will need proper equipment to transport your dog safely. If travelling by road, this may mean a sturdy crate or seat cover and harness to make sure your dog is secure in the vehicle. If your dog is travelling by air, train or other public transport, dicuss with the transport company the best and safest options for your dog to travel.

Remember if your dog is going to like going on holidays with you, he has different needs that have to be met. So here’s a little checklist that’s going to help take the stress factor out of your dogs holiday.

1. Feed him his regular diet, a change could be stressful.

2. A cosy bed or travel crate.

3. Grooming equipment.

4. His regular food and water bowl.

5. A good old fashion pooper scooper and plastic bags to clean up those little or big accidents.

6. Any regular medications.

7. If your dog has tinned food a can opener.

8. Collar, lead or harness if nessary.

9. If you are travelling to a colder climate a blanket or coat.

10. And the most important of all “MUNCHIES” and “TREATS” for you and your dog.

Taking your dog with you on holidays can be a great experience for you your family and your dog with memories that can last a lifetime. So by taking a little time to pre plan ahead and make sure all your dogs requirements are being met, he will love going on holidays.