Dog advice for dog owners

There are a large number of different breeds of dogs in the world today and often some breeds are better than others. It is advised that when you are considering getting a dog that you do you research on each type of dog. Advice can be found in form of books and magazines, it is also a good idea to talk to your local vet to find the perfect dog for you. The Internet is a great place to find out information about the type of dog that you are looking for. It is particularly important to do your research if you have children or other pets. There are a number of breeds of dog that do not get along with other children or other animals in the house.

More and more people are looking for smaller dogs that can be kept in the house and that most common breed is the Shih Tzu dog. This type of dog has been described as containing a dash of lion mixed with a teaspoon of rabbit. This means that dog can be cute and cuddly at times but it can also be feisty and playful. These dogs do not take to punishment well and they can be light-headed at times. Overall the dog is a good family dog if trained properly. If you have a child after you have had the dog for a period of time you must slowly introduce the dog to the baby as these dogs can become quite jealous.

If you are looking for a larger dog that is child friendly then you might want to consider looking at getting one of the following dogs.

* Golden Retriever ?This dog is very easy to handle and has a good temperament. It is great for a family because it does not require a great deal from its owners other than regular exercise and feeding and regular checks from the vet. These dogs are known for being very affectionate and fun-loving. They are extremely patient, which makes them very good with children. This dog loves to play fetch as retrieving is in their nature.

* Border Collie ?While these dogs are extremely active and require a great deal of attention they are very gentle towards adults and children alike. Some Border Collies require some dog training but they do very well and are easily trained. However if not given enough to do or not given enough exercise these dogs can quickly become destructive as they will chew everything in sight.

* Beagles ?If you are looking for a medium sized dog then you should consider getting a beagle. While these dogs are typically used for hunting they do make excellent house pets as well. This breed is known for being extremely intelligent. They have a good temper and a gentle disposition. However, they are sometimes hard to train and professional training may be needed. They rarely show signs of aggression which makes them very good with playful children. They do get along with other dogs but it is important that they are socialized with other dogs properly.