Self defense dog attack prevention

For millions of Americans who walk, run, jog, or cycle in public parks, city streets, or rural neighborhoods the threat from a dog or a pack of dogs attacking is a daily reality. I see more and more anecdotal evidence as I make the rounds in the heartland-walking sticks, canes, anything long that can be used as a weapon against a dog attack.

I even know of a couple in Colorado who are using a stun baton to protect themselves and their dog when out walking.

Each year man’s best friend bites that friend 4.7 million times according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Of those, 800,000 Americans seek medical attention annually for dog bites-half of these are children. Of those injured approximately 386,000 require emergency room treatment and about 12 die annually again according to the CDC.

Now there are two tools that can be used as self defense weapons for protection against dog attacks. The first is Mace Canine Dog Repellent. This EPA approved product is a Mace spray in a hand held flip top container with a Velcro like attachment making it easy to attach to bikes, clothes etc. It has ten one second bursts that go 8-10 feet.

The second is the Dog Chaser Dog Repeller. It uses high tech ultrasonic technology that sends out high frequency sounds audible to dogs but not humans. These ultrasonic sounds stop approaching dogs up to 15 feet away. This device is useful for training dogs as well.

These are both perfect solutions to an ever present problem of dog attacks for anyone who walks, runs, jogs or cycles outdoors or makes their living making deliveries-mail carriers, milkmen, UPS and Fed Ex drivers, etc.

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