Dog health basics, 6 signs of a healthy dog

Having a friendly, loyal dog in the household is a real joy. But as a dog owner and dog lover you must be aware of certain facts about your dog’s good health. Your awareness of these facts will help you to ensure that your dog is always in top shape because when you are aware what are the signs of good health in a dog you can pretty easily note the deviation from that and take precaution before the problem takes serious turn.

Here are the simple tips for every dog lover.

1. In general a dog’s nose is always moist and cool. If you find it is hot and dry then it’s sign of problem. Most common cause of this is dehydration. Give it sufficient amount of water to drink. But don’t give lot of water at one go. Preferably mix some electrolyte suitable for dog with the water.

Dehydration problem is common in hot summer months specially if the dog spends lot of time outdoor. But dryness of nose may be because of some reason other than simple dehydration, in that case you should consider consulting your vet.

2. Body temperature is a very good indicator of normal health. Body temperature of a healthy dog is around 101 degree Fahrenheit. It can be up to 102 degree Fahrenheit. But if temperature deviates from this range, you should consult your vet.

3. Another easy check is your dog’s skin condition. Skin of a normal healthy dog is clean, free from dandruff and scurf, skin color pinkish white. Healthy skin also shows good amount of elasticity. When pinched or pulled skin should return to original place in no time.

4. Inside the ears should be light in color and free from infection. Deep redness or wax accumulation indicates help of veterinary doctor should be sought.

5. Much like human beings eyes of dogs also tells a lot if you can read. Eyes of a healthy dog is clear and alert. If instead of that you find there is an expression of pain and discomfort or eye membranes are deep red in color instead of healthy pink, it indicates trouble.

6. Teeth of a healthy dog is clean and free from tarter. Dirty, loose or infected tooth means trouble and should cause concern.