The shih tzu spa,, grooming tips for your shih tzu

Bathing- It is very important to bathe your shit-tzu every other week. Use a tablespoon of shampoo for a litre of water. Whisk up some foam generously, in a baby tub and rinse your dog thoroughly.Dilute some conditioner in water in pour a generous amount on your Shih-tzu. This will help reducing tangles as well as keep the coat soft. Be very careful when you choose the shampoo. Check the pH so that you do not end up buying a shampoo that is too acidic. They can dry out the coat of your dog. Even bathing too often will reduce the natural shine of the coat. Your doggie has a short muzzle, he will tend to get more dirty in the process of sniffing or rubbing things. So it is important to clean the face of your dog twice a week. Use a soft brush to do this. Clean the feet and the area under the eye and rinse well. Brush your dog before and after bath. Plug the ears with cotton balls so that water does not seep into the ears and cause infection. Also take care not to let any shampoo get into the eyes. Use a benign ointment for the eyes if necessary. If any residual shampoo is there, just wash with lukewarm saline water. Clean the anal gland of your dog regularly. Take the help of the vet if necessary. Wrap your dog in a towel and give a thorough blow dry but do not blow hot air directly on the face.

Brushing & trimming- The coat of the Shih-tzu requires regular brushing in order to prevent it from getting tangled and matted. If you prefer floor length hair for your dog, keep a wire brush handy. Start brushing from the extreme ends like feet and legs. Brush in gentle downward strokes to reach the belly and then the back. Use a coat conditioner to keep hair silky and shiny.Be gentle with tangles. Never ever pull them as this may cause pain to the dog. Treat the hair as you would treat your own! Use a softer comb near the eyes, feetpads and under ears. In case you want to remove excess hair in the ear canal, apply some ear powder and pull gently.Also keep the hair around the mouth short so that your dog does not gather food there. The last stage is trimming around your puppy’s bottom area and tail. The tail should be brushed and trimmed short. This way your puppy can go to the toilet easily. The hair can be trimmed with scissors to keep this area free from hair. It is a good thing to check this area daily to ensure that no deposition of excreta is attached to the hair.

Teeth- Shih-tzu teeth are prone to Periodontal disease, Gingivitis and Plaque. So brush yor dog’s teeth twice everyday with dog toothbrushes and dental cream. Also encourage your dog to chew on a dog kibble so that it does not develop plaque easily.

Ear Care- Examine your dog’s ears once every week. Use a cotton swab daubed in ear solution to wipe the ear canal in order to remove all dirt and ear wax.

Eye Care- As the Shih-tzu has big eyes, it is more susceptible to eye infections. Use a moist cotton ball to clean the skin around the eye. Do this atleast once every week.Take care that no discharge gets deposited for a long time. Consult your vet in case of any redness or imflammation.

Nail Care- Always clip nails after bath when they are soft and easy to clip. Do not cut the red streak as this may cause bleeding. In case it bleeds,use styptic powder to stop it.

Hair-do- You can also make fancy hair-dos with your Shih-tzu’s long tresses.You can part the hair and tie it up with light rubber bands and then pin the pig-tails up in top knots. This will also prevent the hair from getting into the eye. Only make sure that it is not too tight to make the dog feel uncomfortable. Even whiskers can be attached upwards with pins. In case your dog is going for a show,keep the hair plaited all day in thin braids. When you will undo them, your Shih-tzu will have soft flowing curls all over. This way you can easily give your Shih-tzu a wonderful new makeover. So take out some time and let your imagination take wings. Have fun grooming your pretty Shih-tzu.