Fleas and ticks solutions for your dog

I have 2 dogs. Blue is a Queensland Healer and Australian Shepard mix, he has the blue gray fur and he has 1 1/2 blue eyes, no wonder I call him Blue, he loves and protects me, he wants to be in my lap or at my feet all the time, do you have a dog like that? The other dog is actually my Son’s dog, but, I take care of her too. Her name is GSR-X like the motorcycle. She is a lab, pit bull, rotweiler mix. She is very sweet and looks more like a pit bull than anything else. They love us unconditionally and we love them by taking good care of them.

I have found a product that will help your solution of keeping fleas and ticks off your dog. I have an acre lot in Phoenix that use to be horse property. Say no more, that is why we have an occasional bout with ticks. There is a product that I get from Petsmart. It is called Bio Spot.

I start by giving my dogs a bath with flea and tick soap, any brand will work, making sure to get the bugs off of the animals. You can see them in the soap when washing, you will see them in the draining water. Be very thorough when washing, take your time and hit every area of the dog. After the dog is clean. Apply at a rate of 1 or 2 squeezes of the triger per pound of body weight. Usually until damp. You may re-apply weekly if you still see fleas or ticks. Repeat bath and spray every 2 months for continuous coverage.

Please let me know how your make out with your dog, I would love to hear from you.

Written by Jessica Gionet

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