Norwegian buhund a less well known dog breed which makes a great family pet

The Norwegian Buhund is a breed of dog, specifically a member of the spitz family and much loved by the breed owners. These dogs are friendly, fun-loving, loyal, affectionate and very intelligent.

The breed has a short-ish coat and it does molt of course, however grooming is not particularly important and can be left for short periods if grooming does not occur, without causing matting etc. Buhunds were taken along by the Vikings on their travels and colonizing journeys over 1,000 years ago were the ancestors of the Iceland Dog and influenced the collie breeds. As a working dog breed their owners have in the past put great store in selecting hard working dogs, and they have done this by choosing the active ones through millennia, so it is not surprising ho much these animals love to keep on the move.

A well trained Buhund is not aggressive, but any self respecting dog will fight back if attacked by another dog and children may not be strong enough to cope with that sort of situation. A Buhund will take as much exercise as you can give him, once he is fully grown but, provided he is also mentally exercised, he will be equally happy with just a few short walks a day.

Like most of the working breeds, the Buhund is an intelligent dog and so easily becomes bored if left alone ignored for long periods. If you are selecting a breed and you will have to leave your dog a lot then maybe you should look at other breeds, yet no breed should be left for long.

These dogs are very good with children and will be patient and gentle even if tugged about by really young children. However, all owners must supervise their dogs with children and the buhund is no exception.

The propensity for this breed to bark is a disadvantage to some with a house close to neighbours, but these dogs are so readily trainable that with suitable incentives this can be controlled. Modern breeders say the breed can be adapted not only for sheep and goat herding, but also for turkeys, ducks and domestic pheasant.

If you buy a puppy from a member of the Norsk Buhund Club, you will know that the puppies are usually only sold after they have been screened at the age of six weeks and that the parents have a current clear eye certificate under a recognised eye scheme. The same will be true for almost all good sellers.

The original job and purpose of this breed was as both a farm and herding dog. Just like the Collie, and like the Collie they also they make excellent Agility Event performers.

The kind of work done by the “hunting” dog of the Scottish Highlands, as well as with the work done by the herding dogs of Iceland and other northern islands settled by the Vikings. If you have ever owned a breed which has been aggressive, the Buhund is the antidote to return your faith in the loving nature of the dog! We recommend this great breed.