Keeshond dog breed

The Keeshond dog breed originated in the Arctic around the 18th century. They are part of the Spitz family dog breed. You will find that they are wonderful family pets with a compact, muscular body type that offers companionship to all. They are most often used for watchdogs or show dogs depending on the owner.

Physical Characteristics:

Male- 45 pounds and 17-19 inches in height Female- 35 pounds and 16- 18 inches in height The Keeshond dog has a mix of furs from grey, black and cream. They have two coats- the undercoat and the outer coat, which is generally black in color. You will also find their muzzle, ears, and tail are black. The coat provides them with the warmth they have needed to survive in the arctic with a long, straight, harsh top- coat, and a soft, downy under coat. The neck, shoulders and chest have some of the thickest parts of their coat to protect the more sensitive areas. They tend to shed their coat twice a year based on the climate and temperature changes. Personality: The Keeshond breed of dog is one of the most interesting with the dog species. They are extremely extroverted. You will find that they can curl their lip into a smile and will do so for people they love. The Keeshond is also on of the most intelligent dogs. Around other people you will find them affectionate, friendly and playful. They are also very social dogs with other dogs. You should not be surprised to learn that they make wonderful companions for children as well as for those who need therapy dogs. They tend to be very empathetic towards those who need extra affection.

Mentioned previously is their abilities as watchdogs. They have a loud, warning bark to alert you of problems whether it is predators or trouble. Despite being a wonderful watchdog they don’t tend to be aggressive. Their personality and physical characteristics help a great deal when you are training them. They can be a little difficult, however they are obedient and agile. With their temperament being playful they tend to be a little mischievous and wish to have their own routine. Training them takes a firm, but caring hand. Being fair, having structure, and being consistent are the best methods for training you will find for the Keeshond dog. Repetition is not their favorite activity.

While the Keeshond dog breed does make a wonderful pet their care can be burdensome. They tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, slipped stifles, hypothyroidism, and epilepsy. For general care you will find they are in need of daily brushing to avoid matting and tangles in their beautiful coats and that they often groom themselves. You don’t want to give them too many baths; in fact every once in a great while is good to avoid causing skin irritation. They don’t do well in hot climates due to their thick coats.

The Keeshond dog breed is one of the most playful and yet obedient dogs you will find. They don’t bark a great deal, only when they feel you need to be warned. They love exercise and to play with the entire family. Most often you will find your dog playing with a ball, Frisbee, or other dog toy that requires interaction. One downside is boredom. They love to have activities and can begin to tear up a yard when they become bored. You may need to go home during your lunch break, play with them before you leave, and make sure they have plenty of toys during the day to avoid problems when they are left alone.