Easy tips to care of your golden retriever

Golden retrievers are great dogs that do not take much care and maintenance. All they do require is love and affection from their owners. If you are someone that has one, you are a very lucky person, as these are great dogs that many people get a lot of joy from. You will find a friend and a companion in this type of dog for many years to come.

This breed is naturally part of the large sized dogs, so you should to watch their weight and not let them get too far off track, keeping them on a healthy and well-balanced diet. Additionally, you should give them a dog food that’s high in protein and make sure that they have plenty of water.

Now, there are some health problems that golden retrievers are more predisposed to suffer than other breeds, such as elbow dysphasia, heart disease, eplipesy, and allergies, so proper research and care is strongly advised.

As for shedding, you should brush your golden retriever on a regular basis as the golden retriever is a dog that sheds their fur all year long. On the other side, you do not have to bathe your dog very often, all you have to do is wash your golden retriever at home using regular bath soap ocassionally to keep him clean.

Golden retrievers are very fun to train, as they’re very obedient and intelligent dogs, but as with any breed you have to be patient with them. They do not like to be rushed and they definitely love when you give them attention, so you should be consistent when you are training them.

You should socialize your golden retriever from its early stages of life, as they are very social dogs and should be kept around people, due to their friendly nature. They will get unhappy easily if left unattended, so you need to let them socialize, run and play, and just have fun with you and your family.