Moving Tips: Don’t let pets wander when moving in

Don’t let your pet wander while moving your items into your new home.

The most important part of the packing and moving processes is safety, and this goes for everyone in the family, including the dog, cat or other pets. Being assured that your animals are safe and out of harm’s way is an important part of getting your new home set up.

When you are packing up, you may want to do most of the heavy stuff while your pet is in another room. This can prevent them from getting in your way while moving cumbersome boxes and furniture.

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Once you arrive at your new home, it is important to keep in mind that your dog or cat may feel nervous being in new surroundings. Bringing items from your old home that they are used to (like a chew toy or pet bed), and putting them in an area with those familiar items may help them adjust. In addition, it can help keep them occupied while you are organizing.

If you have a child or another family member that cannot take much part in the moving process, they can help by spending time with your pet in the new area. This can prevent the dog or cat from being too worried about the move while also distracting the other person.

Furthermore, this method is a great idea when you are moving larger items in, especially when these boxes or pieces of furniture obstruct your eyesight and motion. If the pet is not in the way, it won’t be at risk of getting hurt as you continue the moving process.

By sticking to these methods, your move will go much more smoothly, and you will likely finish quicker. This could be important, as you will want to spend time adjusting to your new home with your pet, which will help you both relax.