The most effective way of preventing heartworm from invading your dog

Heartworms are parasites that live in your dog’s heart and causes illness and severe heart problems. But a small number of this parasite does not necessarily cause illness to your dog. It usually takes a substantial amount of heartworms to affect your dog and make him sick. Therefore, prevention is the key to avoid your dog from catching heartworm infestation.

An effective way of preventing heartworm from invading your dog is to minimize his exposure to mosquitoes. This can be achieved by keeping your dog indoors at night. You can also use a chemical free insect repellent every time your dog goes outside and especially during mosquito season.

You can make your own natural insect repellent by using a mixture of eucalyptus oil and water. Rub one drop of this oil diluted in one cup of warm water over the dog’s muzzle and the area between the anus and genitals where the mosquitoes usually like to bite. Be careful when using this natural insect repellent and avoid rubbing the oil around the sensitive tissues of the eyes and mucous membranes.

Remember that one or a few heartworms in itself is not enough to cause a commotion. But a swarm of heartworms invading your dog’s body can create a serious threat. Infestation from heartworms can lead to heart problems and other illness. Treating this condition would require your dog to be hospitalized. Careful supervision is also needed during treatment of heartworms because your dog could undergo a heart failure or internal blood clots.

The problem with treating heartworm infestation using the conventional way however, is that the medication used to treat your dog is very harsh and toxic. Many times, the side effects from the treatment are much worse than the disease itself. Side effects from the common medication used in treating heartworms include vomiting, headache, weakness, joint pains, and sometimes even liver problems, bleeding disorders, and paralysis.

Getting rid of heartworms should not have to be hard on your dog. If possible, try to find a vet who uses an alternative cure in treating illness and diseases. These vets use treatments such as acupuncture, herbal treatment, or homeopathic medicine.

We all care about our dogs. We all want them to have the best health and to live a long life. We want to do whatever we can in order to increase their level of health and make them more resistant to parasites and diseases.

Similar to humans, all dogs have in them the natural mechanisms to fight diseases and parasites. The best way to harness these natural mechanisms is to give your dog sufficient amount of fresh, raw food, plenty of exercise, and the least amount of chemicals as possible, if any.