How to get rid of dog skin rashes

Say you have an annoying itch. What you’ll probably do is goto the nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for the most powerful cortisone or antihistamine that their store carries. Then you apply that medication like there’s no tomorrow!

Having an excruciating back ache or a smashing headache is a nuisance but if you have a skin rash you feel very, very itchy and it’s like you’re in living hell and your nails aren’t doing justice to what you feel.

Now imagine the same unbearable skin rash, only this time, you cannot go to your favorite pharmacy and you cannot just tell a doctor to treat you up because you cannot speak. Sounds like a horrible scenario? Well, this is precisely how your beloved canine fells when he/she has an annoying skin rash!


Dog skin rashes are very difficult to treat because you never know what causes them. So, really the best thing you can do for your beloved dog is to prevent the skin rashes from occurring. Here are ways you can prevent this from occuring:

1. The number one cause of dog skin rashes are external dog parasites such as ticks, fleas, lice and mites. To avoid these external parasites, do not let your dog play with strangers’ pets unless you are sure they are not infected. Always keep your furry friend’s house parasite free by cleaning it well and in case that parasites do attack, treat your dog with a tick and flea shampoo or cream.

2. Internal parasites can also cause dog skin rashes so to avoid intestinal parasites, make sure that both the water and food that your loyal dog takes in are clean.

3. Comb or brush the coat of your dog regularly especially if your pup has thick and long hair. Tangled hair can cause the skin to become irritated which can lead to scratching.

4. Find a shampoo that does not dry out your dog’s skin if you like to bathe your doggie regularly.

5. Buy quality dog food to energize your dog’s immune system. Commercial grade dog food is usually just filled with extenders that have no additional nutritional value unlike good dog food.


But a dog cannot avoid skin rashes forever. Even though you may be the most caring & attentive dog owner there is, your dog will still likely get a skin rash at some point of his/her dog life. So what do you do in times when your furry friend is scratching and gnawing at his or her skin like crazy?

1. First of all, give your dog a bath. Find an anti-tick, anti-fleas medicinal shampoo.

2. Check the food that your dog eats. If you’ve just changed your dog’s food brand, and he or she seems to have acquired the habit of scratching, then you may need to buy your old brand back because the new one is making your poor pooch itch. Better yet, consider some of the natural diets. Type in “BARF diet” on the Internet and you’ll find a lot of great resources. Also remember that certain dog breeds are naturally pre-disposed to specific allergies (I.e. Shih Tzus tend to be allergic to chicken). If, in any doubt, talk to a holistic minded veterinarian or nutritionist who can show you the proper meal plan.

3. Some dogs are itching because they are restless. Giving your pooch ample exercise might do the trick.

4. You may also consider purchasing products that specialize in treating dog skin rashes. There are a variety out there but one of the most effective ones I’ve ever seen contains the Mayan traditional herb Tepezcohuite. (In fact, I was so impressed with its natural abilities that I created an all-natural dog balm called K9 KlearUp around this compound – It’s guaranteed to help clear up the 17 most common canine skin and coat problems).

So there you have it, some simple solutions to help get rid of a severe dog skin problem: skin rashes. Your dog should be wagging his tail again in no time!