Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier is a rugged dog that comes in a portable size. The Yorkie is a toy dog breed, with a height about 7 to 9 inches and weighs from 5 to 7 pounds. This terrier is well proportioned and very compact. The Yorkies head is small, with medium size eyes, a black nose and small v-shaped, pointy ears. It has a long shiny straight coat and its entire length may reach to floor level. The hair on the dog’s head is usually long and tied with a bow or brushed to the sides or clipped. The hair on the muzzle is very long. The Yorkshire’s coloring is golden tan on its head, chest and legs, and steel blue on the body. Puppies are born black and tan and are normally darker in body color. See additional information on
choosing a Yorkie.
Yorkshire Terriers are members of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Terrier Group.
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The Yorkshire is the world’s most popular terrier. This breed was developed in the early 1800’s in Northern England.  The Yorkies original purpose was to get rid of rats in coalmines.  For many years it has been a favorite Toy breed in the United States, second only to the Chihuahua.


This toy breed is very popular because it has all the admirable attributes of larger dogs but in miniature. The typical Yorkie plays hard and has limitless energy. Today some see this dog as a fashion accessory. They treat it delicately, with much pampering.  An owner’s view of their dog has much to do with how they turn out. With persistence a Yorkie can be obedience trained. Some are bright and learn quickly, while others are more obstinate and opinionated. Yorkies get along well with other pets but
they can be very possessive of their food and toys. This dog breed can be overwhelmed by small children. The Yorkshire makes a better pet for older and calmer children. The Yorkshire will bark at strangers, often in a high pitched voice.  Early socialization is required so that the dog doesn’t become to shrill and to ensure barking is controlled. Yorkies make very good watchdogs. This breed is very suitable for first-time dog owners.


The Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t need long walks but likes to get outside. Yorkies often don’t like to walk on a leash and have to be taught how to behave. They make a great apartment dog.


The Yorkshire has very long and silky hair that has to be brushed and combed daily. Its body coat is groomed parted down the back, and its entire length may touch the floor.  Many owners with limited time are adopting a Schnauzer trim. It is short and neat and requires much less maintenance. Check the Yorkie’s ears regularly and remove excess hair inside the ear passages. Yorkies do not shed hair and may make a good dog for someone with allergies. This breed is sometimes
referred to as ‘hypoallergenic’.

Health Issues:

The average life expectancy of this dog breed is 12-14 years.  Reduction in size has caused many medical problems. The list can include dislocation of kneecap, eye infections, gum disease and collapsed windpipes. Poor teeth also run through some lines.
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