Dog mange, how to keep your dog from itching

If your dog has mange, you will know it right away. For starters, it would scratch a lot and become irritated. Your pet would also develop red rashes on its skin that would soon spread all over, if you don’t take it to the vet right away. Mange is a major problem in dogs. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from it, provide it with the necessary care.

But the biggest problem with mange is how to keep your dog from scratching. Mange spreads all over your dog’s body the moment it starts to scuff. Here are the things you can do to make your dog forget about his irritations:

1. Apply a topical anti-irritant.

You can normally get this one from the vet. Sometimes, vets prescribe over-the-counter types too. Get several tubes so you’re sure you won’t run out of it. Usually, the medications for dog mange are the same as the ones used for skin irritation in humans. However, you have to clear an ointment with the vet before applying it on your dog.

2. Prepare some oral medications.

More than topical treatments, there should be some antibiotics that you have to give your pet. Again, the vet will be able to tell you how much, how frequent, and how long you should give such medicines to your dog.

3. Give your dog a shower.

Dogs itch whenever they feel hot. So instead of worrying about it, prepare a nice bath for your pet. Clean its entire body, especially focusing on the parts where the mange is located. You have to keep your pet feeling fresh all the time to ease the irritations away.

4. Sprinkle anti-prickly heat powders.

Certain anti-prickly heat powders can be used on your pet with mange. But don’t put too much of it though. Apply just enough after every bath so that the dog’s fresh feeling is prolonged somewhat.

5. Keep your pet busy.

Since your pet is technically sick, attend to it whenever you can. Keep it busy by playing with it. Make it fetch the newspaper or a small ball. This might even be a good time to teach your dog some new tricks. Anything that would keep your pet occupied is good enough.

6. Let the dog stay in a cool place.

Humidity may cause the dog to scratch. As such, make sure that the temperature of your house cold enough for your pet. If your pet is not allowed inside your home, maybe you can keep it in a kennel up until the mange had healed.

7. Choose the food you give your dog.

Certain foods like chicken and chicken broth can make your dog’s condition worse than it already is. These food items are known trigger itchiness so don’t give them to your pet just yet.

Dogs would naturally scratch its hide if it feels itchy. And mange can be terribly prickly. But if you follow these tips while continuing with the veterinarian-prescribed medications, your dog should experience comfort in due time.