So you want to buy a boxer dog

Rearing a Boxer dog as a pet is definitely a good choice, since they are known for their loyalty, active spirit and good temperament. They make great additions to the family because they get along very well with children, due to their energetic and playful nature. Not only is this breed very social but also are very well- behaved with other pets in the family. Boxer dogs are very attentive to commands and thus, can be trained and disciplined easily. Owing to their active lifestyle, they need regular exercise and physical as well as mental stimulation. They take great delight in running and hence, make good companions while jogging. They prosper in a cool and pleasant atmosphere, so it would be advisable to keep them indoors. But if you have to keep them outside for too long, ensure that you provide it with sufficient shelter and shade.

Boxer’s athletic build and mischievous attitude keeps it active on days, when the climate is normal, but when the mercury rises up, you have to be more cautious. They belong to the brachycephalic breed, which means that Boxer dogs are not very good at maintaining and regulating their body temperature. They do not prefer extreme temperatures and thus, require extra care and attention at such times. They pant heavily because short nose of this breed makes it difficult for them to breathe in hot weather. Panting heavily allows them to cool down. So, if your pet boxer deviates from his usual behavior, don’t expect or compel it to behave otherwise. One easy way to relieve them from the respiratory discomfort is to provide it with plenty of cool water to drink.

Some other ways of assisting a boxer during hot weather is to provide it with a dog mat. Dog mats are easily available at your local pet stores. In addition to giving it ample of drinking water, it is also advisable to splash some water on different part of your boxer’s body like the ears, mouth, eyes, paws and the belly. To provide more comfort and respite from the scorching heat, you can also try giving him a cool bath. Leave him it in the tub for some time so that it can relax and cool down easily. Ensure that your boxer eats a well-balanced diet, which is essential to boost his immune system against the heat.

Undoubtedly, boxer dogs are very lively companions and a very popular choice as pets, but at the same time, they are famous for their alertness, strength and agility. Formerly, they were used as pack carriers, messenger dogs and even as attack dogs, during wars by the military and the police. They were specifically bred by the German army, with a view to protect the border. The breed has proved its aptitude and intellect by smelling smuggled contraband and attack trespassers. Because of all these reasons and more, boxer dogs are acknowledged as members of the Working Dog Group. Although, they are famous for their ingenuity, loyalty and affection, they can prove to be stubborn if not trained properly. So, make sure that your pet boxer receives appropriate training.