Chow chow, the fuzzy, cuddly, breed of dog

You will find the Chow Chow originated in China over 200o years ago. They were once used for hunting, herding, pulling, and protection, and are now one of dog lover’s favorite companions. They are a medium sized dog of about 45 to 70 pounds. They are short in only gaining 17- 20 inches compared to other dog breeds. You will find solid red, black, blue, cinnamon, or cream are the most common colors of this dog breed. Like most thickly furred dogs they do have two coats, a smooth or rough coat with thick fur along the neck. Unless the dog is a mixed breed you will never find a multi colored coat. With all that luxurious hair it is no surprise that they tend to shed a lot, but luckily they are seasonal in their shedding routines.

As a companion you will find they are full of obedience, dignified, and beautiful. They seem quite cuddly when you look at them, but strangers should be cautious. They tend to be cautious of new people and don’t always like everyone. To approach this dog you will want to hold out your hand and ask permission. If they decide to investigate let them get a good sniff in before trying to pet them. You should always ask the owner if it is okay to approach their dog.

They have myriad of temperaments depending on training. You will usually find them to be polite and patient with you, however they can be a little difficult when they want something. This is definitely not a comical, playful dog, but a dog that appreciates and shows loyalty. With dignity comes the desire for respect. If you are looking to add a Chow Chow to your family you will want to start off with a puppy to make sure the training is complete and the way you want it.

They need extensive and intensive work to be trained for both obedience and socialization of other humans. House training is usually easy to do, but they do have to understand the task you are asking. You do have to show them who is the master, but be firm rather than harsh as well as consistent. They are best as some form of guard dog and can become aggressive with the wrong type of training.

When you are looking for a family pet for your children you may want to look elsewhere. While they are loyal and want respect they have difficulty with little children. They don’t like to be pulled on, picked on, or abused so they can become aggressive. It is best to have older children that understand what a dog is and how to treat a dog, if you still choose this breed.

You will find that they don’t really like exercise, and prefer the indoor area. You should never leave them outside for long, especially in the heat. Their thick coat provides plenty of protection, but again they do like the indoors to the outside. They are a bit lazy in reality so if you are looking for a jogging companion you will find a better bread. The Chow Chow do need to have some exercise, but it should not be intensive. They can also survive in smaller areas such as apartments despite their size. They will want to have their own bedding, a place to eat, and have an owner on hand for attention. The Chow Chow dogs have an extremely picky demeanor that demands respect. You will find they tend to go their own way rather than be obedient without training.