Are you killing your dog with dog foods

Are you killing your dog with dog foods? That is a question that dog owners everywhere should carefully consider. Several different types of dog foods that are sold on a commercial basis have been found to have a devastating effect on the health of these pets. Research has been conducted for many years regarding this very important topic, and the evidence indicates extremely devastating results – the dog food that we purchase for our pets may be doing more harm, than good! Premature death may be experienced by dogs that consume products sold on a commercial basis. In this article, you will be given the information in order to determine are you killing your dog with dog foods?

Commercial dog food that claims to provide animals with nutrition, a healthy coat, and a high level of physical fitness has actually been found to be quite harmful. Diseases and even death may be experienced by the pet that consumes this type of food. Unsuspecting pet owners go out into the market and various stores on a daily basis in order to purchase food for their pets. These individuals will typically see several different types of dog foods on the shelves. Many will claim nutritional balance, while others include advertisements such as those that state that the dog food will be efficient in developing the health of the pet. These pet owners have no idea of the dangerous ingredients and toxins that are used in the processing of the dog food.

There are several chemicals and toxins that are contained in standard dog foods. These are considered to be so potent that they are no longer permitted to be used in foods that are consumed by humans. However, they are approved for our pet dogs – which is very unfortunate. The following medical conditions have been experienced by people who consumed the same toxins, and chemicals that dogs consume on a daily basis if they are fed commercial based dog foods:

• Failure of, or the development of cancer in the kidneys • Cancer that forms in the bladder of the individual • Cancers that were located in the spleen and stomach • The loss of hair ranging from mild to severe • Gastrointestinal complications such as diarrhea • Visual problems, such as blindness • The development of Leukemia • The dysfunction and failure of the liver, and other major organs in the body • The weakening of the immunity • Allergies that can be mild to severe in nature • Many have given birth to children with birth defects

As you can see, these substances really resulted in many problems when it came to human consumption. The same issue is likely to occur when it comes to pets that consume it. However, dogs are much smaller than people. It can result in a quicker onset of symptoms, and even death!

If you want to ensure the health of your pet, you can bypass all the commercial foods and simply create your own dog food. If you want to learn dog food secrets that can educate you on the health of your pet,and teach you how to create healthy foods.Remember, the health of your pet is depending on this!