Dreams about dogs and what they mean

From early human art to old superstitions that have been passed on from generation to generation, dogs and their relative have invaded our conscious and subconscious minds for centuries. Dogs have helped us express our fears, our hopes, and questions about our universe. Archaeological findings in China and England, among other places, has shown us that the relationship between man and wolf actually dates back almost 400,000 to 500,000 years. It is speculated that the relationship was based on the need for shelter and protection.

Dogs and their meaning invade not only our consciousness and culture but also our subconscious minds. Here are some interpretations based on both scientific findings and folklore on the meanings of dreams that incorporate dogs:

1. You dream of a vicious dog: You are facing unalterable misfortune.

2. You dream you own a dog with find qualities: You will soon possess wealth.

3. You dream a Bloodhound is tracking you: You will succumb to a temptation.

4. You dream a dog bites you: You will have a quarrel with a business or love relationship.

5. You dream a of a lean, filthy dog: You have a bad conscience.

6. You dream of barking dogs: Difficulties will follow.

7. You dream of growling dogs: You are at the mercy of manipulative people.

8. You dream of lonely baying of a dog: You will be separated from a friend.

9. You dream of puppies: You will be happy in a relationship.

10. You dream of a dog show: You are about to enjoy good fortune.

11. You dream of a fancy pet dog: You will marry a fool.

12. You dream that dogs and cats are fighting but then they stop and are able to get along: A disaster in your love live isn’t far off.

13. You dream of a friendly white dog: If you are a man, you will soon face a victory. If you are a woman, you will marry early.

14. You dream you are swimming with dogs: You should expect good fortune.

15. You dream a dog kills a cat: A happy surprise is near.

16. You dream a hounds are following you: You will have many admirers but no luck finding love.

17. You dream you got bitten by a poodle: You are about to do something foolish.

18. You dream of a black or red dog: You are dreaming about a faithful friend.

19. You dream of being led by a dog: You are aware of your inner strength.

20. You dream of a multi-headed dog: You are taking on more responsibility than you can handle.

21. You dream that you are traveling and a dog is following you: You are in the company of loyal friends.

These are just a few translations of meaning of dreams found in the book “Planet Dog”. Each and every day, people get new pets and lose long time loved pets. The dog and his companionship has meant a lot to many people throughout the centuries and therefore the dog has rightfully earned the name “Man’s best friend”.