5 tips for buying the perfect dog collar and leash

Among the many devices used in obedience training a dog collar and leash are the most important. Every dog should have its own collar and leash. However, in obedience training, there are specvially made leashes and collars designed to support your training sessions with your dog.

In general, dog collars are viable and stylish. Your dog’s name or any identification detail can be embedded within the collar. This can be a big help in case your dog got lost. You can even customize dog collars according to your taste or fashion and show off the way you would want to pamper your dog.

With the latest trend in today’s dog training tools, choosing the best dog collar and leash can be very difficult. The options are too many and getting the best brand with the best function can be quite a problem.

If you are in for fashion, you can choose whatever chic and stylish collars and leashes available in the market. However, if you are in for some high quality and efficient training tools, you must opt only for the best.

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a fully functional collar and leash:

1. Size matters

In buying a dog collar or leash, size really matters. Do not buy your dog collar without your dog’s actual measurement. To be sure, use any long thread such as tape measure or string and measure your dog’s neck. Make room for allowances, probably 2-3 inches.

To check that the collar fits your dog’s neck, try inserting two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If you can insert your fingers easily, the collar fits just right.

2. Color of the fur

You do not have to be fashionable when choosing dog collars. What matters most is the way the collar will look good on your dog. In doing so, the collar must match the color of your dog’s fur. It must also complement the dog’s breed. For instance, a chic collar with lots of trinkets may look good on a poodle, but not on a German Shepherd.

3. Comfort

You do not have to be very choosy in getting your dog’s collar and leash. However, your dog’s comfort should be on top priority. The quality should come next since training would entail rigid activities. Hence, dog collars should be sturdy enough to clutch your dog.

4. Specifications

Know what you need. Before you go to a pet shop, it is best that you have all the necessary features that you have in mind. In this way, people at the shop will know exactly what you need.

Specifications are important such as describing the things you want in a dog collar and leash. Would you go for a fashionable dog collar and leash or a fully functional item with all the necessary technical features included?

5. Budget

Not all leashes and collars are created equal. So if you have a particular dog collar and leash in mind, try to consider your budget first. Fashionable and fully functional items usually cost more than the typical ones.

Try to shop around for more choices. The more choices you have, the higher chances of getting a good bargain without sacrificing quality.

Boiled down, buying a dog collar and leash may not be that easy, but with these guidelines, you can definitely get good item for your dog.