Dog nail trimming

Dog nail trimming, this is so important and you would not believe how many dog owners just do not realize how important this is to the well being of our dogs. And like you I have friends that say “Hey my dog’s nails wear down by themselves just by walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or pavement when we go walking.” Well that’s just fine and dandy but let’s remember that with less active older dogs this can become an issue. Also, normal dog nail trimming is our opportunity to check for infections and other issues that may be in their early stages. Not to mention broken nails and just plain over all health of their paws. And when I say normal clipping I mean about every two weeks or so.

Now if you find it a pain to try to practice proper dog nail trimming; well yes you’ve got it. The trusty veterinarian or groomer will be more than happy to take care of this for a small fee of course. And please do yourself a favor, don’t make your dog nail trimming time the only time you handle your dogs paws, check their paws several times a week. This does two things; you find any problems as well as you will get your dog use to having his paws handled and he will be easier to handle when its clipping time.

Now for the clipping part of this discussion, start out just clipping the hook part of the nail until you get more comfortable and confident and you will be less likely to cut to far back and hurt the little guy, or big guy. Hey now, here is some good advice from me to you. Years ago when my lab Jazz was at the groomers I watched them carefully how they where clipping his nails and they where more than happy to give me some pointers on the proper procedures. So don’t be afraid to get some direction from the pros! And trimmer size is very important; select a pair that’s right for your breed and size of dog. And good heavens please spend the money and get a good quality pair! You get what you pay for.

Let’s also pay attention to this important detail when it comes to dog nail trimming. Make sure you take the time to get your dog relaxed and as calm as possible. This isn’t something that needs to be rushed. Take your time. I know you don’t want to put your dog through this any longer than necessary but lets face it, if you hurry I guarantee you will be looking up an article on how to stop my dogs paws from bleeding! Because you screwed up and cut to deep. You will do just fine if you just research the proper clippers, take your time, make sure your dog is calm and just take off a little nail at a time while you are learning. And remember you can just clip a nail or two one day and if you need to try again another day. That’s ok to, just make sure it gets done!

Now in closing, keep in mind that starting these basic grooming procedures such as dog nail trimming when your dog is a puppy is always the best scenario because they will grow accustom to the routine, and if you do cut and draw blood please don’t pass out like I would do. Put some pressure on the wound and the bleeding should stop. And if you do draw blood, make sure you keep an eye on it and keep it clean! Ok now off you go, happy clipping.