Dont be fooled by the dog food recall

Don’t>How many pet owners still think about the dog food recall of 2007? I think if you asked the thousands of pet owners that lost their loved ones, they would tell you they’ll never forget.

Wikipedia says that over 5000 different products were involved in the dog food recall of 2007. Since then there has been a number of dog food recall alerts, but none have killed enough pets to hit the main stream media like in 2007.

Many pet owners are having sleepless nights thinking about the next big dog food recall, but what they should be worrying about is already in their pet foods. The amount of toxins being added to pet food during the manufacturing process is more than enough cause to be scared.

Now everyone knows that the Chinese was adding Melamine to pet foods and that is what triggered the deadly dog food recall of 2007. There are chemicals being added to the pet food process that will rob years from your pet’s life and it might not be as obviously deadly as Melamine but it is.

Why are our pets dying from human sounding diseases like cancer and kidney failure? When will our dogs start living up to their life expectancy of twenty? What are the reasons for a six year old dog to start to have seizures without warning?

Why. is one of the questions I wanted answers for when I started my research on how to cure my dog’s seizure. My research has shown me that the majority of the world�s pets will never be part of a dog food recall alert, but are dying a slow death from pet food just the same.

The pet food industry was getting away with slowly murdering my dogs and I decided I needed to do something about it. After hundreds of hours of research I decided that if I want to make my dog healthy, and live longer I would need to change what I was feeding him.

There are important things you need to learn about nutrition if you plan on taking your dog off commercial food, but its� well worth learning to have your dog live longer. The changes I see in my dog after only one month is unbelievable and others are saying the same thing.

�Only One Month Has Pasted and My Dog Already Acts Five Years Younger

Justin Kyle & ‘Crackers’ Salt Lake City, Utah USA

�Now it’s Easy and Quick to Find Quality Dog Food I Can Trust

Cassie Overton & ‘Sweetpea’ Orlando, Florida USA

�I Can�t Believe How Good Maxine Looks After Only 5 Weeks and She Has Lost 8lbs

Darleene Christchurch & ‘Maxine’ Sydney, NSW Australia

All these people have found out the same think I did. if we want our dogs to be healthier and live longer we need to change how we feed them.

You can listen to the so called experts that have a vested interest in selling pet foods, or you can learn to feed your dog home made food and never worry about another dog food recall.