Learn what kind of dog treats you should avoid

Looking for a way to reward your dog for being great or doing something spectacular? Dog treats are the perfect answer, as canines love them and they are relatively cheap. Many people do not use dog treats like they are supposed to be used, and abusing treats, or using the wrong variety, can actually be detrimental to your dog’s health.

Several brands of dog treats are to dogs what junk food is to humans. It tastes really good and is quite desirable, but too much of it can be destructive or even fatal. In the past years, research has revealed that certain ingredients in dog treats, such as onion and garlic products, can cause illnesses in dogs, including but not limited to heart disease and kidney failure. The fact that dog food, like human food, has become highly commercialized and processed only makes the situation worse. Therefore, it is incredibly important that one takes time to research and find a perfect dog treat, one that will not excessively hurt their pets.

Dog treats should be given out sporadically. As the name says, they are treats, not meals. Also, even the healthiest of dog treats ultimately contain some negative ingredients, so you do not want your dog to ingest too much of those. If a dog has a certain treat too much, they may lose their interest in it or not get as excited. It is best for you and your dog if you limit the amount of treats the pet is fed.

When training your dog, utilizing treats is one of the best ways to reinforce ideas and initiate excitement and interest. When the dog does something right, he gets a treat, and if he refuses to learn, then he will not receive a treat. The same classical conditioning that works on humans also crosses over to the animal kingdom. Be sure to use treats in conjunction with other training techniques for maximum results. Relying on treats alone can work, but being that they are unhealthy in large quantities, it is ideal to feed your dog as few treats as possible.

While most dog treats out on the market are detrimental to health, veterinarians and companies have developed some types which are actually beneficial. Since dogs cannot brush their own teeth, and humans are not fond of doing the job themselves, treats have been developed that are so chewy they inherently clean the dog’s teeth. Other treats are customized for specific dogs, and have medicines incorporated inside them.

If you are distrustful of store brand dog treats, you can make some yourself. Homemade dog treats are the healthiest of all, and you have full control of what goes in to them. There are dozens of websites on the Internet which provide recipes and instructions for dog treats. Following these recipes is ideal because then you know that you will not put any potentially harmful ingredients in.

In addition to being healthy, homemade treats are of substantially higher quality than store treats, so your dog will enjoy them and appreciate your efforts. Making the treats is a fun activity, and as you become more familiar with common ingredients and procedures, you may consider inventing your own recipes.